Changing Perspectives on Water, Round Two!

A national information campaign targeting local and regional elected officials

> > The cause of water, serving the development of local areas

With the national information campaign, “Changing Perspectives on Water”, the Water Agencies and the ONEMA (French National Office for Water and the Aquatic Environment), in association with the Ministry for Sustainable Development, have a two-fold objective:

  • fostering the emergence of projects aiming to improve the quality of water and of the aquatic environment, by highlighting examples and testimonials from elected officials, showing that the measures recommended by the Grenelle Environment Plan and the Water Development and Management Master Plans (SDAGE – water management plans on the scale of river basin districts), are feasible and realistic;
  • informing local elected officials about the possibilities for support offered by the water agencies, ONEMA and government agencies, in terms of knowledge, methodologies, technical expertise and financial support.

As part of their current intervention programme for 2007-2012 (14 billion euros), the water agencies have already planned to dedicate more than a third of their financial assistance (subsidies) to the protection and rehabilitation of the aquatic environments and the sustainable supply of high quality water to present and future generations; most of this public financing supports the programmes of the local and regional authorities.

The first series of testimonials was about the protection of drinking water catchment areas, and demonstrated the added value of actions for water, as a launching pad for the sustainable development of local areas.

The second set of testimonials, published in April, is about the restoration of rivers, a crucial component in the process of regaining good water status and guaranteeing it over time.



> Discover testimonials from elected officials who are committed to restoring waterways

> Discover testimonials from elected officials who are committed to protecting drinking water catchment areas

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