Changing Perspectives on Water, Round Two!

The water agencies and the National Office for Water and the Aquatic Environment (ONEMA) are unveiling the second component of their national information campaign for local authorities. Since the spring of 2011, the restoration of rivers has been the new area of focus. Launched in November 2010, this awareness-raising campaign, based on testimonials from elected officials, aims to foster the emergence of the processes and projects required to achieve good water status in our rivers, lakes, water tables and coastal regions by 2015.

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Elected officials taking action to restore rivers

Throughout France, local and regional authorities have successfully initiated action programmes to restore rivers. A key challenge in the process of achieving good water status, the restoration of waterways offers many benefits: developing biodiversity, improving the river’s natural flow, flood management, ecological continuity, and more. The examples presented should be multiplied in the coming years.

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Actions in favour of the protection of drinking water catchment basins

Action programmes for the protection of drinking water catchment basins have been instituted by local and regional authorities to reduce pollution at the source, reduce the use of pesticides, limit the use of fertilizer, avoid bare land after harvest, etc. These examples are worth following.

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